May You…


May the beauty of life all around, entice you away from your schedules,

to notice its resilience and grace.

May you take the time today to honour the birds, the bees, our Mother,

Our Ancestors, who reside within each leaf, each petal, each drop of morning dew.

May you connect your heart today, refuel your soul and dissolve strife.

May you always walk in Beauty.

Mitakuye Oyasin ❤


2 thoughts on “May You…

  1. Absolutely. I listen to an incredible nature soundtrack almost everyday. It profoundly alters my head and heartspace. I can feel the living presence of the space and time in which the recording is captured. I sometimes use it to open up my shamanic safespace, when I am spiritually wounded or in need of guidence from the elemental beings there. Or simply just to let myself be swallowed into mother Earth’s womb to be replenished and reborn.

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