Releasing inner knots…


I just wanted to share with you all about my day so far and see how you all interpret it.                                              Obviously, I have my own conclusions but sometimes it helps to get another perspective too.

Ok, so my planned ‘get up early’ thing went to the wall when i turned my alarm off and didnt wake up till 11.30. Between the alarm and me getting up I was out of body, I know this because of how I woke up. (will explain if your interested) which might explain the extended sleep.

I was aware as I drank my cup of tea and checked FB that something in the air felt very ‘still’ almost numb.

Anyways, I told loui ‘as its so late he would have to make do with a shorter walk today’ and we headed out to the big woods. Within 50 yards of getting onto the path, Louis lead turned into a massive knotted ball for some bizarre reason. Normally I can get them out easy but this was huge, it was around a normal ,lead length with 20ft of knot in the middle!. So we stepped onto the grass at the edge of the path while I very calmly and patiently began to sort it. It took me a good 15 mins to get it all straightened again.

However, while I was pulling the end through the knot for the umpteenth time, I realised that the feeling I had in the house was out here too,there was a very unusual silence, no wind, no birds etc, Also, the light was different, cant explain it but everything was subdued, if that makes sense. In fact ye, all the senses were subdued! It felt like just before a big electrical storm.

So I looked at the 20ft mass of a knot in my hands and realised it was symbolic. Then I looked up kinda half smiling to myself and saw my neighbor in the distance, but he saw me struggling with the lead and went back the other way. Again symbolic, I had to untie this knot myself and not the physical one in my hands.

Now, before you all start thinking hes a meanie, Loui would have gone ballistic had he seen Moo (his dog) and the lead would have ended up even worse.

By then my ‘other senses’ had kicked in fully and I engaged brain to figure out how best to untie the mess rather make it worse, as I was doing. That figured, I soon got into a flow and as the last loop unfurled, both Loui and I were FREE!!!

Feeling very pleased with myself we headed off into the woods, all the time I was aware of the very eerie silence and sense in the air and the feeling of ‘something strange is happening’. Loui even seemed more subdued and responsive. I could sense my Birch calling to go sit there and wait for answers but we ended up having to double back and go up a muddy path that leads through the breadth of the woods and onto a bit of a treacherous path along the outer edge of the woods till we found a way back down onto the main path. As we were navigating thorn bushes, Hidden rocks, mud banks and huge tree roots, I remembered the tree that I found there last summer that had the wolf and owl on it and hoped I would find it again before we headed back down. Within seconds I saw it. So I gave it a big hug and linked into it but was told the tree is dead, void of energy other than the fungi and parasites that live in its carcass.

On a symbolic level,im still working on that as with all of it because I had to write it down as soon as i got in or id forget most of it lol

Not far from the tree was the turning to make our way back down to the main path.
Just as we turned onto it I heard a very close and loud bird call, like an eagle or a Hawk. Instantly got that excited feeling and looked up to see two large birds, possibly Crows, fighting over something in mid air. One made the same cry again and fell back while the other flew right over my head with a mouse or vole in its beak and as it disappeared it made that Eagle sound again. Now Crows have a very distinctive call and ive never heard one make that sound before, so if anyone knows different please enlighten me. Then I remembered a conversation I had with Von on our road trip about ravens/crows being often mistaken for Eagles because from certain angles they look almost silver. Von of course, always guessed right when we were eagle/raven watching. I also remembered the eagle that only I heard at the pit stop we made before meeting the Hopi Elder who gave us the Eagle blessing and Feathers.

Then we hit the main path and headed back home. There was still that strange calmness but outside noise was a bit more audible and the sun seemed to be visible now rather than a diffused blanket of light. I felt lighter too, like the knot and its energy had been absorbed into the earth and I was a clear vessel. As that thought was fading I looked up and noticed a fantastic Smiley Moss Face on a tree, which made me smile in acknowledgement and relief. lol

Got home and came upstairs to get changed and write this out when there was a knock at the door. It was the post service delivering my new advertising leaflets

So, what do you all make of that and has anyone else noticed anything different today?


Maria Wind Talker ❤


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