Habits and Dreams.


Struggling to manifest that life you dream of?

All habits (Programmes) are created through repetition and so are easily replaceable with a new habit through the same process, just like training a naughty dog, it can be done with repetative commands and reinforcing of the good behaviour.   It doesnt take long for the dog to change when faced with being ostrasised over being aknowledged and recieving a reward.

If you are ready for your rewards, then take 5 mins to assess your daily routines and habits, take the last week for example, recall each days activities. What time did you get up on that day, how were you feeling? What did you do next etc. How did you feel before you went to sleep that night, did you accomplish what you set out to do that day? If not, what could you have changed that would have allowed for it to be achieved?

See the areas that no longer serve you, that make you ‘feel’ uncomfortable in some way. Both the physical and the mental ones.

Write it all down, then make a ‘Conscious’ choice to change just one routine a day and act on it. Couple this with canceling out negetive thoughts as they arise with a positive and within a couple of weeks, you will have broken that habit, have more energy, be more focused, attract like minded people and allow for new doors to open up.   Leading you directly to where you want to be 🙂

If it no longer serves you, what does?

Keep a journal of each habit changed a day, it will give you a clear visual of your progress and help to keep the momentum going.

Happy Manifesting 🙂


Maria ❤


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