Once found you never wish to leave.

My years of solitude have taught me to slow down, so much so, that now I have no interest in the ‘outside’ world or anything that disturbs my inner calm for too long.

In fact, I have realised that somewhere along the line of transition from Party Animal/head case to spiritual teacher, I turned into ‘Rain Man’

Not intellectually (I wish)

What I mean is, if there’s too much outside noise while trying to focus on one dialogue/conversation, whether it be with a person or reading a book etc.  My head goes like the legs on Roadrunner, untill it shuts down and leaves me reeling in confused agony!

Time to find my mountain me thinks…

Luckily, I can still multitask in the kitchen, I guess the different parts of prep, cooking are all aspects of the one goal, so my brain doesn’t see it as an interference or distraction but a process of pulling the piece together to create a whole.

A bit like all of us souls coming together, each bringing a different flavour to the mix,  to create the perfect cake that will rise to reach its fullest potential, to be firm and supportive on the outside yet soft and flowing on the inside. 🙂

Mitakuye Oyasin.

Maria Wind Talker.


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