Star Beings…

After the recent discoveries in Mexico

I thought that I would share one of my own Experiences with possible Alien Contact.  I have a few accounts but this one was witnessed by others too.

In 1995 we were living in Cyprus, my mum came over for a holiday around my Birthday (August) and along with some friends of ours and their two daughters, we all headed to the beach one evenng for the traditional BBQ/party.  When we arrived there were a few other families with the same idea.

Where we were is on the flight path for the airport, the point where the planes turn around and head back up the beach for landing.  So we were very used to seeing/hearing the planes at night.


Not long after we got there we noticed Three ‘Static‘ bright white lights in the sky, in a triangular shape, not too far out on the Ocean.  We were all mesmorized, was it a Plane? Helicopter? Stars?


Along with the other groups, we all formed a line along the shore line, quietly watching the three lights. After a while the lights silently shot together at lightening speed, forming one solid ball of light, then instantinously shot forward towards us all.  It stopped a few meters away from us lighting up the sea and again, it stayed there, watching us for a moment before shooting off along the beach line towards Paphos where it was reported as seen few minuits later. (2+ hours away by car)

The speed, silence and the way they moved was not of any air craft that I have ever seen or know of.

I am not sure how much time went by but it felt like ages, I was aware afterwards, that time seemed to stop, we could not hear the traffic on the Road behind us or the sound of the waves lapping around our ankles.

We were not scared at all, my daughter was only 5 years old at the time and does not remember.  The children, my daughter included, walked a little further into the water than us adults, I remember them being just beyond my arms reach.

Afterwards we all just seemed to shake our heads and laugh it off saying ‘well that was weird’ and got on with sparking up the BBQ.

Synchronicity being what it is, after sharing the Mexico article with my friend, she asked if I had had any experiences. Which led to me looking for any reports on it.

I found this online about it but the translators obviously didnt do a great job on the locals testemony lol –

So, are we alone? Are we being watched? If so Why?

Have you had a similar experience?

Would love to hear about them if so 🙂




4 thoughts on “Star Beings…

  1. During my shamanic work I have encountered interdimemsional beings which fit the archetypal projection of extra terrestrials.
    I also saw a ufo woth friends when I was a teenager.

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