Sound Bath Healing.


Here is a little exorcise in Sound Healing that you can do for yourself in the privacy of your own home it will raise your vibration, connect you to source and revitalise your energy, healing at a cellular level.  Great to do prior to Meditation or any healing/spiritual practices.

* In a bath, put some sea salt and fresh or dried lavender, (or whatever else you feel drawn to, Rose petals are great too) light some candles and focus on your breathing, taking deep cleansing breaths.


* When you are focused and ready, lay down in the bath so that only your eyes, nose and mouth are protruding outside of the water (Make sure your ears are under water)

* Become aware of the rhythm of the water, your heart beat, your breath.

* Now, totally empty your lungs and take a full deep breath in, filling your lungs.

* As you begin to breath out start to Tone HU – till you are completely empty.                                           Repeat 4-8 times.

Now take a normal breath, then repeat the process with HA – 4-8 x
Repeat again with HU.

* Do the same amount of breaths on each rotation.

When you are done, remain under the water until you feel ready to sit up.

During the toning you will hear/feel the vibration all around and within you. It is very empowering, if not a little scary the first time that you try it.


The healing benefits of sound.

Sound/vibration enters into the organs.

Sound helps to move Chi throughout the body.

While the sounds physically vibrate the organs and cavities, they also open and move Chi through the associated meridians and vessels – strengthening and regulating them.  The sounds make our system more integrated and powerful.  

“HU” – The sound of HU is the source of all sound, the sound of the universe.  It heals the Stomach and Spleen – These organs work together to transform food into acquired Chi and make it available to the other organs.  

“HA” – Heals the Heart – This sound regulates the yin and yang of the heart and clears heat.  Its motion brings water energy up the Ren meridian to balance the heart’s fire and then expels heat out through the mouth with the exhale. 

Enjoy. 🙂


Maria Wind Talker.


13 thoughts on “Sound Bath Healing.

  1. Although this healing is very simple to do, it is incredibly powerful and, to be honest, it took me a little by surprise. Based on my experience, I’d say 4 rounds of HU and HA is plenty the first time you do this. The depth of the vibration was incredible and got progressively “louder” and stronger throughout the duration of each round. I don’t want to describe my unique experience beyond that – I didn’t have any preconceived ideas of what to expect – which allowed me to open fully to it. After I’d completed the sound healing, my whole body – spiritual, physical and energetic – was buzzing. I felt rebooted, cleared and also wiped out for about half an hour. Have something sweet to eat and drink lots of water – it really helps. Afterwards, my body felt soft, totally devoid of tension and free of blockages. I also feel incredibly connected to Source – of course, we always are, but this has unblocked the channels so thoroughly I’m hearing all my inner guidance with such clarity and even though 24 hours have yet to pass, the insights and wisdom I’ve received have been just wonderful and so supportive of where I am. Thanks so much Maria. I am going to incorporate this into my regular spiritual practice, and next time, meditate directly following the sound bath. Much love and many blessings ❤

    • Thats awesome Sue, thank you for sharing your experience with this practice. May you continue to blossom and grow on your journey, my beautiful soul siStar. Greatadvice on the sweet things after, ive been doing this for so many years now I forgot how intense it is the first couple of times.
      May you always walk in beauty. ❤ xxx

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      • Well,

        They are not uttered in a common-language. More like one that was “given” to me through dreams and “channeling”. – I do a lot of Shamanic work as part of my learning about Nature and the divine. – Most of the “mantras”, for lack of a better term, are intoned very deeply and inflected to a beat. I use two or more different tones, as in almost like a chant.

        – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

      • Thats very interesting. Over the last few months ive been toning while drumming for the journey circle. To me it sounds a bit like Aum/OM but others have said it sounds not of this earth, or music, or animal noises…I guess it sounds different to everyone.
        Thank you.
        Maria 🙂

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