As I Grow


As I grow…

I realise that right is wrong and wrong is right…

That Light is Dark and Dark is Light…

There is no Left and there is no Right.

As I grow in body and mind

From constant buzz to stillness in time..

The changes within create a fight..

Heart and mind debate the right…

To define in the manner that it knows best…

Without a question or second guess

of how we have grown with recompense.

As I grow I learn to use more common sense

There is no past or future, only present tense….

To Re-connect with my soul

and of yours and that of the WHOLE

As I grow I give thanks for the past

Look forward to the future

While embracing the NOW

As I grow I learn to see, there is no difference between you and me

Beings of Light and Sound

Together as ONE we grow like a vine

Entwined by love and Eternally bound.

To learn and grow, support and feed

This earthly mission to defy Lust and Greed

To end the fight between the illusion of Light and Dark

We must first see the Spark within each human heart

and remember that all are one, with no divide.

To continue to grow till we reach that beautiful sea of light.

Mitakuye Oyasin!


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