Gratitude = Love


I recently bit the bullet and created a page on FB for the Shamanic practices that I do.  If you read my blog on ‘My Heroes Journey’, you will understand that it is a big deal for me and a huge leap of faith. Check the new page out:

As part of the bio, I wanted to give thanks to all the amazing Medicine Men and Women that I have been honored to meet either in person, in spirit or via the internet, to show my gratitude and respect for their teachings and friendship.

While in conversation with my dear friend Tim, I asked if it was ok if I mentioned him there, as he has helped me so much without even realising it sometimes.

Now, in my ‘moment’ of eternal gratitude for the wonderful gifts that our friendship brings, I had no self doubts, no insecurities, no feeling of being unworthy, judged or inferior. In the moment I offered any help or assistance (Shamanicaly) as an energetic exchange/gift in way of thanks and to my delight he accepted,  so we arranged a date for about a week later, Tim is in Canada, im in the UK.

Now, I had a week to realise that, ‘OMG’ your going to journey for someone you regard as a great Plant Medicine TEACHER!!!! …GULP!!….I had the same feeling when Von asked me to do her a medicine card reading and that turned out amazing.  So I decided not to worry about it till the time was right to set a time and date and hold on to the confidence that it felt so right to offer on impulse, without waiting for a second thought to creep in and insert ‘Fear’!

On the day I was running late by about 2hours by the time I got to journey, so I was a bit anxious that maybe it was not a good omen and thought about changing to another day. However, after having a bit of a talk to myself and reminding myself that ‘we are all equal with our own special gifts and as long as I come from the Heart and have faith in my allies, then all will be well’.

The journey was wonderful, however it was a little different to my normal journeys and I thought it was probably a load of bologny!!

With a shaky finger I pressed the send button on the Email to Tim,  my heart was saying, ‘ It could go either way but either way you will have learnt something’

Later that night I got a reply and with even shakier finger I ‘clicked open mail’ and to my Ecstatic relief, the feedback was all positive and my allies had hit the nail on the head.

Even more astounding was the Confirmation for Tim reg a vision he had last week too.   So confirmation and healing all around. Wado!!!

I think I actually jumped up and cried out loud THANK YOU!!!!

So the lesson in Gratitude is; When we are coming from unconditional LOVE and Gratitude, with no thought of self or self gain. Then we fully encompass our essence. That part of us that knows it is a part of the whole and so it knows its capabilities, its power, its potential and its joy. However due to the hectic existence most people lead these days, we tend to only access this part when we meditate or when we are in a complete state of Gratitude

The programmed mind/Ego is what holds us back from reaching our true potential ‘if we allow it’. Learning to ACT on your gut instincts straight away, no matter how impulsive, before listen to your Ego/Mind that says ‘hang on a second and think this through….’

Obviously there are exceptions to this rule….like, jumping into bed with your friends wife or beating the neighbour to death because he plays loud music all night… Impulsive does not mean ‘excuse for lack of morality’

”When was the last time you were truly, WHOLE HEARTEDLY Grateful?”

It is time for all Rainbow Warriors/Light Workers to stop playing ‘little me’ and step into our Power, if we are to truly shift the global consciousness from Fear to Love. It is each and every one of our responsibilities, to each other and our mother Earth.

Embrace your truth, its liberating

In deep Gratitude to Tim and to the Ancestors for this lesson in ‘Self Belief’ and for showing me where ‘I wasnt walking my talk/path’.

Feeling very empowered


Mitakuye Oyasin!


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