Out of Body Experiences/Near Death/Premonitions


A friend Dodie Hamilton has recently done a radio interview about this topic and has asked to hear others experiences so thought I would write them all here.

I was drowned at age 2 by some kids from over the road, 6 and a half minutes under water, I call this my awakening. I have no recall of going out of body at that time but it is a definite that I did as I was D.O.A. (dead on arrival) on arrival at the hospital.

By the age of 4 I was being sexually abused by a neighbour, it was never anything physically painful (that I remember) more mental emotional as I felt/knew it was wrong. I used to take myself out of my body and look out of the window at the birds in the garden and trees. I found out later in life that this is common in abuse cases.

When I was around 11 years old I started having horrific precognitive dreams, train crashes, plane crashes etc. and then it would be on TV within a few days, exactly as I saw it. These would make me very upset and send me into emotional turmoil and I would constantly ask ‘God’ for them to stop.

They didn’t stop straight away, it took a good 10-15 years for them to stop completely but they did change, it would happen when awake now too! All of a sudden I would feel like I was going to be sick then I would be pulled out of body and BE there witnessing an event, smells, sounds, etc.

The worst ones were when it was family. I had just got out of the bath one day and was singing along to the music while drying myself and then ‘Bam!’ I was in my Aunties house, in Cyprus. Everything was how it is, the lighting, the familiar smells, pictures, furniture, temperature etc. I was walking into her bedroom and the cot was in the corner as usual and my aunty was crouching over it screaming ‘He killed it, he killed my baby!’ I ran over and looked in the cot and there was blood everywhere but no baby. I tried to calm her down but she was hysterical, so, I called for my grandma (her mum) who lived next door. When she got there I came back. Was a right mess, rang my mum at work and told her that she had to ring aunty Nicky and check every thing is OK! So she did in spite of reassuring me that ‘it was just a dream!!’ It turned out that my Uncle Chris had been arrested and taken to jail over not having a hunting licence or something. Aunty Nicky had got back from court, collapsed and lost the baby she was carrying, she was 5 months gone.

When I was 16 and living with my grandparents in Cyprus, I was in bed reading quite late one night and then was sat in my uncles pub in the UK watching my mum serve customers behind the bar and she looked really ill. I tried to talk to her but she didn’t see me, so I came back and woke my grandparents up in a panic, saying ‘we got to wake the neighbours up so I can ring the UK’. They thought I was crazy even though I was crying, begging them. So I went back to bed and thought to myself I will go round in the morning. 10 minutes later my grandma comes running into my room doing her cross over herself saying ‘its a sign from God!’…my mum’s picture in their room had literally jumped off the wall onto the floor with a bang but didn’t break! So, they woke the neighbour and we found out that mum had collapsed at work that night but was ok!!

When I had just turned 23, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. After 3 months of false labour, average 3 hours sleep a night and a week stay in hospital to try to stop the contractions, I was like the walking dead and more than ready to get the ‘hatching’ bit over with lol. But nothing comes easy for people like me, we have to really suffer to appreciate the gifts in life and Two and a half days in labour just about did kill me. After more than 30 hours of labour, been sent home once and stuck at 2 n half centimetres dilated, nothing was moving and I was so weak I couldn’t even control the pain till it reached peak then id bolt upright screaming for a few minutes then pass out till the next one. It was in one of the pass out times that I suddenly found myself up on the ceiling in the corner of the room. I really was drawn to go through the ceiling, I could hear muffled voices, feel bliss and no pain!, the light seemed brighter that way too, than in the room. I was just about to go through when I looked back, saw myself on the bed, tubes coming out of every orifice, arms, nose and mouth, then looked at my husband holding my hand snoozing while I did, then I felt this almighty rush of Love. In that same moment I was back in my body lunging up Screaming for them to help me!

My mum died in 1996, she was only 51 years old.

That’s when I set off on my spiritual path to find some answers as to why? If reincarnation was real and if so would that mean I may never see her again?

In 1997 I met a friend who cleared spaces of stuck spirit and passed them back into the light. She asked me to help her with these by sending energy, I was petrified after my past experiences with Poltergeists, but, bit the bullet and faced my fears, my part was easy anyway. Then one day I had been made aware of a little girl around 6 years old in a graveyard ( I was Driving Past at the time) My friend has Crones Disease and wasn’t well that day and told me I should do it! Though I was petrified My conscience couldn’t leave her there. So I recruited a student of mine to send me the energy and we did it.

That was the start of me learning to will myself out of body and to change events (positively) instead of just witness them.
The other good thing to come out of the whole experience was when I learnt that ‘I do’ control things and that by asking in the right manner, to who you actually believe in, makes a huge difference. Suffice as to say, premonitions are on the whole, part of the past now, mostly.


Maria Wind Talker. ❤


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