Fake friends are like Fake Tan…


My journey through life has for the most been viewed from the outside edge of my circles, family, friends, co workers etc.  Even when I am a part of the circle or playing the role of circle leader, my viewpoint is always from the edge.  Years ago that bothered me, I felt ‘different’.

However, when you change your feelings about what you are seeing, your perception of it changes.

This is something we’ve all heard before and come to accept as a truth, however maintaining it can be a problem especially when patterns repeat.  I see them as uncovering another layer of that lesson and a test to see if I have really mastered that thought pattern/process. Each time, we get the opportunity to either ‘drop the bone’, ‘reach acceptance’ or grip it even tighter ‘denial’.

Once we learn to just let it go instantly and move forward leaving it behind without a second glance, then we can move on to resolving something else.

Funny how we can do that with some things and not others.

Recent events have re confirmed my thoughts and finally got me to accept the lesson.  Thanks to the universe,  for answering my plea to the Ancestors, that ‘This recurring theme be dealt with now and that I learn the lesson presented here’.

Heres what I was told on my journey to the Ancestors.

Lesson 1)  The outside edge.

1) It energetically and symbolically confirms that you do not place yourself above or separate from anyone else in that circle.

2) It allows you clear vision of all involved, in all their true colours and beyond the masks.

Lesson 2)                                                                                                                                                   1) Fake friends are like Fake Tan.  (gotta love spirits sense of humour).  They will stick to you like Glue till you have served your purpose; ‘Whatever that may be’.  Then they will fade away slowly with no explanation and move onto their next mission, some will try making you out to be the bad guy.  Others will see this happen but choose to walk away or even join in the mud play.

(My take on this was – There are No ‘FAKE’ friends, for in the moment, whether it be fake or not, they are emitting a truth that we WANT to believe.)

2) Yes, remember life is simply reflecting back to us in some way so do not take anything personally.  Remember that everyone comes into our life for a reason, some stay a short while or a lifetime but all bring us some gift in the form of a lesson for our expansion.

*As I was typing this out I remembered this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLltt5cPDOc

Lesson 3) Discernment.

Being the Rebel that I am, I  ‘chose’ to ignore 3 for a lot of years. Holding onto the belief that all people are inherently good, honest and so deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt, at least once.  Trust after all is a given till it is broken.

The value of these life lessons is you learn to recognise traits quickly and then choose what we wish to experience.  Changing how you see things changes how it affects us on an emotional level.

It is not my place to judge another and I really try not to.  However, I do speak my mind, like a child describing what they see.  Which to some will seem like judgement. Maybe because it hit a nerve somewhere and likewise, if I feel judged, its hit a nerve in me.   For which I silently thank them for, for highlighting some part of me that requires healing.

For example…my daughter at 4 year old used to grab my belly and shout out ‘Jelly Belly’ while shaking it.  She would do this anywhere, in the supermarket, at friends homes etc, you get the picture!

It wasn’t a judgement, it was a fact.  Now, it never bothered me, we used to laugh about it (still do) till one day my friend Mandy came over for a coffee, Mandy is a beautiful, tall full figured lady with heaps of confidence.  But when Tasha came in and saw her that day, she ran over and grabbed her belly, shaking it shouting out loud with Glee…..’Jelly Belly!!’

That was the first time I saw Mandy visibly go into ‘self conscious’,  mode’.  I apologised profusely and she laughed it off but it made me realise that some people, including myself, at times allowed our insecurities to cloud what simply is a truth. My belly did wobble like a jelly!.  She wasn’t lying, exaggerating or being intentionally hurtful to me, in fact, what a great metaphor from the eyes of a child.

Though, after that day if Tasha did it to me in public, I was more aware how others may judge me for still carrying my ‘baby fat’.

It also taught me to make sure that ‘in house’ jokes, are explained to a 4 year old in terms that they can understand.  And lessen the chance that someone else may be offended by that which does not offend us.  😀

Love one another, respect each aspect, forgive them , for you were once on that part of the journey, or may still have that part to cross.

May this be your Mantra in times of doubt.

“I can do no other than be reverent before everything that is called life. I can do no other than to have compassion for all that is called life. That is the beginning and the foundation of all ethics.”

~~ Albert Schweitzer

Mitakuye Oyasin.

Maria Wind Talker. ❤

3 thoughts on “Fake friends are like Fake Tan…

  1. Beautiful, Maria. Thank you for sharing your journey. How beautiful that you are recognizing and asking for help to overcome.

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