Adding to the Mix


Education, Enlightenment, any kind of learning, new knowledge is only accepted into the minds and hearts of one whos interest has been peeked.

Maintaining that interest and building on the topic is the hard part for most seekers. Some will switch off once they have heard all that their ‘mind – ego’ is willing to accept at that point.  Others will move onto another path as their own interests change and grow.  Some will hear but choose to ignore as their fear of change consumes them.

Do not worry about our words falling on deaf ears, or that people are not waking up quick enough.  Focus our energy on the seekers, those whos cloths and blinkers are being removed right now!

They, like a blind man who sees for the first time, will thirst for more and more. Which will draw them to those who can ‘Remind’ them of what they want/need to know at that time.

We each have our own individual gifts to bring to the world, the message may be the same across the globe but we each bring a little something of ourselves to the mix and it is these ingredients that enrich each experience beyond the common lesson.

Stop holding back with thoughts  of ‘not being good enough, or educated enough etc.

Your unique life experiences cannot be translated accurately by anyone else but you.  You do not need a diploma to say that you lived YOUR life, or what you have learned along the way.

Its time to spread our wisdom amongst those ‘ingredients’ that meld with ours, to produce the most nutritious medley for all.

Sharing out words, phrases, logic and wisdom, which will spread out like ripples, to touch those whom we may never meet but will benefit from our shared experiences.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Maria Wind Talker ❤


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