Age of Aquarious


So, we are in the age of Aquarius, the age of enlightenment, which I translate as; the age of ‘Re Balance Ment’,

Embracing the goddess is not a ‘now’ thing for women, this has been a steady progress.  One which can be time lined back to the first world war when women had to become the head of the household, to take charge and change their accepted gender role to that of the masculine.  We now have more women in power within a predominantly male dominated workplace, more womens rights and more women in self empowered solitude rather than programmed platitudes.

This time of re-balancing is more about the male of our species , it is their time for  embracing the feminine within them.  For women of power, it is a time to pull in the reigns in some areas, regain the balance of power over love.

The scales are to be re-balanced within all of us no matter how far to one side we are facing.

With the strength of the feminine came the rising of the male ego, which in turn created an ever spiraling dance of; Control vs Compassion, provider vs homemaker.

The tide here has also been turning slowly over the past 20 years, with more house husbands embracing their nurturing side and being an active co-creator in their childrens lives.  There are more men in care work jobs and nursing today etc.

Their mission is to re-balance the child within that once relished in the divine love of the feminine that resides within.

More and more are awakening to the truth about this Golden age and the misconception that we will shift from a Patriarchy to Matriarchy  society.  We are all one, equal in the eyes of the Creator.  The time of separation is ending.

The field of consciousness is reflecting back to you right now.

Take a look at your scales…where are you out of balance? what can you remove? Transmute? Or Add to it?

Mitakuye Oyasin.

Maria Wind Talker ❤


6 thoughts on “Age of Aquarious

  1. Excellent post, Maria. I’m actually being called right now to take up the male energy of discernment and progress, yet with the balance of the feminine heart of compassion and care.

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