I watched ‘The Bucket List’ tonight ‘again’…and one sentence stood out and I thought of the new Creed songs called ‘Time’….the sentence is:
”If you think 40 yrs went by quick, just imagine how quickly your last 6 months will go by”
Which of course got my head thinking and I know that i’m preaching to the converted here, however, just a little reminder for those of us that get lost in the web of life sometimes.  ”Life is too short for waiting till the time is right, till you loose weight, for better weather or that bonus from work!””Make sure you grab every opportunity for happiness where you can, never loose sight of your dreams and aspirations and live your life NOW…”

Remember; Life is made up of ‘special moments’…When was the last time you made a special memory?…

Lets all put in a little effort and make one today. :o)


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