Funny how life can change in an instance and what we planned in one moment can become obsolete in the next. Life is like that, everything has a cycle, a beginning and an end.

How you read that will determine whether your glass is half empty or half full?…Think about that.

My glass is always half full and though the contents may change my life is always enriched in some way by the whole experience.

So here I am starting a new cycle… one that I am looking forward to without regret. I am grateful for the doors that are opening, making new friends, catching up with old ones and whatever else my next journey brings.

Always look to the now and look forward for it is there that your next experiences lay, no need to keep replaying old negative scenes, old desires. Create new ones.

To avoid any Expectations not being met, ALWAYS make them clear to another, that way you both know what is expected from one another.

Expectations in themselves are designed to let you down…

Acceptance is the key. :o)


2 thoughts on “Expectations….

  1. Expectations are designed for the future and you never live your life in the future but right now…have no expectations and you will never be let down…

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