Childhood Ideals – Dot to Dot of Life


This blog was inspired by a friends recent blog on scents and memories, thank you David for that spark.  It got me thinking about other things that bring up happy memories and how each one is connected like a dot to dot leading to my Likes, Dislikes, Hopes, Dreams and Desires of my life that are still present today.

Some of my earliest memories are pre-school age spent with my mum in the garden and her vegetable patch, I would chase Butterflies with a net .  We would spend many hours in the Spring/Summer time out there connecting with nature.

At the back of our house was a horse field and I would spend many hours there with them.  My grandfather had a farm with goats, rabbits and chickens. He got my my first horse when I was 7yrs old.  My favourite books growing up were Heidi and The Silver Brumbies (or something like that) and Black Beuty was my dream horse. lol

My first pet was a Black Cat called Sooty, some would say my first Familiar. ;o)

My second pet was a Long Haired German Shepherd called Leon. I used to love the White Fang books too and the movie was so sad.  Always wanted a Husky because they are so wolf like.  I had a Border collie for 12yrs, my best mate, he reminded me of a wolf.

Yes I am obsessed with wolves today. :o)

Some of my favorite programes growing up were: Little House on the Prairie, the Waltons, Grizzly Adams, Black Beauty, Lassie and Tarzan, Elsa the Lion to name but a few.

My other half has two Border Collies, his own allotments where he organically grows rare and unusual plants, mainly Chillies….and looks like Grizzly Adams. (joke) ;op

Anyone following a theme here? lol

All my life I have loved being outdoors amongst nature and loathed being indoors or in towns surrounded by concrete and crowds of people.  The energy is too dense there and it holds people in a negative state of being, which has a knock on affect with everyone else.

I would be happy living in a forest surrounded by critters away from the madness of society but still helping those that seek my advice.  All my life I have been working toward that childhood ideal of unity with the essence in everything.

One day I strive to do just that, create a centre for like minded people out in the sticks, where we can all connect in tranquil surroundings to maintain our inner peace. :o)

Please feel free to share any similaraties it may raise within your own dot to dot book of life.



3 Mar 2008


2 thoughts on “Childhood Ideals – Dot to Dot of Life

  1. I really love your vision and would love to live in community with my tribe one day! Little House on the Prairie was one of my favorite shows too. I always wished Michael Landon was my dad.

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