Thoughts on Death.

I’m not sure what has inspired me to write about this today. Maybe its because ive heard of two deaths within my circle of friends or maybe because ive been working on releasing the ‘stuff’ around my daughters Birth, maybe its a bit of both.

A few years ago I was asked by some very sceptical relatives of mine to ‘Do My Thing’ and try to help a Dying relative. They said, ‘At this point we will try anything’!

I hear this a lot from people and often wonder if ‘they had only been less proud or open to alternatives, then maybe, just maybe things may be different know’.

For two weeks I visited this lady who was so riddled with Cancer, that she had been brought home to live out her last days, 2 weeks had been guestimated by the Doctors. The first time I went she was in a very ‘fear full’ place, begging me to ‘Cure’ her and looking to me to say that that was a possibility  (Fear) It was heart wrenching to see. Sadly it wasn’t and all I could say was that ‘I can ease her physical/emotional pain and that she would sleep better.’

I sat with her giving her Reiki while talking about things we had done together over the years and I watched her deteriorate before my eyes. This lady who had more stamina than a Husky on a glacier run! (Gratitude)

She loved the Reiki and said it eased her pains and because she was resting more it lifted her spirits.

During these two weeks she went from Fear, to Gratitude to Hope and finally to Acceptance, which to me, gained her an extra couple of weeks with her family. (Hope)

Watching someone go through this process is a very humbling and deeply emotional time and stays with you for ever. My first experience of this was at 16 where I helped tend to a neighbour for a few weeks before he died and sat vigil with the body overnight before the funeral. My own mothers death wasn’t so peaceful, So, I am no stranger to the process, however, the overwhelming feelings and awe, never lessens.

Two days before the lady passed over, I went to visit and she turned to me and said in a very calm voice, ‘Its ok, there’s no point now’,  she then pulled out her cross and gave me and my daughter a Blessing. (Acceptance)

We sat in silence after that and both shed a tear, with the mutual understanding that this was the last time we would communicate verbally but that the Love would never leave. I could feel the presence of the light and of someone there waiting but she wasn’t ready to let fully go yet.

The next day she had slipped into semi unconsciousness, with only moments of awareness. I was asked if I can end her suffering somehow, obviously I said NO but agreed to say a prayer for her a quick and safe transition.

Together with the lady’s grand daughter we said a prayer over her and then I suddenly started singing a song; ‘Roll Me over In The Clover’  a song I didn’t even know the words to!

I got a sense of a man being there and had such a wonderful feeling of joy, Love and happiness, it was wonderful. I guessed that it may have been her late husband and the joy of them re uniting was just beautiful.

When I related the events back, it turned out that her husband used to sing that song to her when he had a tipple and they would dance around to it.

How wonderful, he was encouraging her to let go of the thread, to dance towards the light, to him to their LOVE.

This is how I like to think about death now, that it is merely a transition from one reality to another and that we are reunited with those we love, healed, healthy and free from these earthly constraints.

To all who have lost someone close, do not grieve for their absence  be grateful for knowing them, for being lucky enough to share some precious time in their lives. And Know that you WILL see them again. 😀


Maria. ❤

29 April 2012


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