The Time is NOW!

  • Just got all this through while prepping my bath…..

    We are in a very important time in our transition stage here right now. It is time to release all areas of resistance, of blocks of fears and to FORGIVE.  These are not just words to be acknowledged, agreed with and walked away from, it is time!!

    In 19 days the 12.12.12. portal will be open for all to receive the crystalline energies and embody the divine feminine.

    Just 9 days later will be the 21st, when the twelve spiritual Chakras of the planet will open, which will profoundly affect everyone.  Each brings in the 12 rays, plus the Silver Ray of the Divine Feminine as well as the Christ Light/energy. Allowing all the Ancient Knowledge to return to our consciousness.

    Are you ready?

    Are you living from your heart?

    Are you taking steps to clear what blocks you?

    Are you helping others to clear theirs?

    Are you being honest with yourself?

    We all are on the same spiral of life, we are all one, ‘what we do to ourself we do to others’. Really comprehend that statement for a moment….

    Now look at someone you knows actions or even a global matter…not directly your issue is it? but notice how it affects you and those you love….

    Its time to fully wake up from this comfortable slumber of anticipated freeze frame mode and fast fwd through the penultimate phase.

    Have Faith!  You are Loved. ❤


    Maria ❤

    24 November 2012 


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