Living Mind fully – Meditation

  • Basically means Consciously creating in every moment.

    To do this we first should become aware of how our mind (Ego) Heart (Truth) and Solar Plexus (Intuition/Creativity) work together in every moment, affecting our decisions, moods and actions.

    Becoming fully present in each moment will enable us to consciously create from a place of knowing, love and balance.

    In this, ever time conscious reality, we often make rash decisions based on a quick thought which we later regret  and end up only hurting ourselves and others, unwittingly.

    It is fair to say at this point, that no judgement should be passed on either yourself or another, not only during this meditation but in all interactions…

    So lets take a journey into the now…

    If you are driving pull over NOW!!

    Turn off all distractions and make yourself comfortable….

    Once settled, take 3 deep long breaths down into your tummy…breathing in Love and exhaling Gratitude…allow the chatter in your mind to quieten down by not giving it any of your attention, just let any thoughts pass on by and bring your attention back to your breathing…relax all of your limbs as you drift down into a relaxed state…each breath relaxes you deeper and deeper till its too much effort to be aware of which arm relaxes first…or which leg…you just drift deeper and deeper…

    Now, in that deep relaxed state where your sub conscious mind can now assume more and more responsibility for guiding your awareness for your highest good…whilst staying deeply relaxed, become aware of how your chest rises and falls with your gentle breathing, where your physical hands are…become aware of what noises you can hear in the space where you are relaxing there…and what thoughts/emotions they stir…of any outside noises…now bring your focus back to your breathing and how relaxed and calm you are now feeling….

    With exclusion to all other thought forms…You are now aware of everything that’s going on internally and externally in this given moment….you are now in the perfect place to consciously create but first lets become aware of the Thought – Feeling – Action process that goes behind ALL of our creations.

    Imagine now someone makes you an incredible offer, one that you have been dreaming for, or maybe something you dread.  The initial awareness may come verbally or in written form, which is interpreted by ‘Mind’ (Ego) this may create exhilaration or Fear, for example….follow the thought form quickly pass down through the Heart (Truth) and into the Solar Plexus (Intuition) now this is where we mostly say YES or NO to the offer without regard to the consequences… Now, follow the thought back into your heart chakra where it will rest for a while and ‘know’ if this ‘choice’ is for your highest good and that of all…it will then drop back into the SP as confirmation one way or the other…and back up to mind to process the information.

    Remaining deeply relaxed now, spend some time following that process, without judgement, just witness what thought patterns arise and follow there path through your thought creation process.

    Become aware of the subtle energy changes in your body, especially mind, heart and SP…with practice you will be able to slow your reactions down, taking time to be fully aware of what is being created before taking action.

    Practice makes perfect, dedicate 10 mins a day to this practice and see how quickly your decision making changes once you take in the bigger picture and how things improve for yourself and those around you.

    Bring yourself back when ready, slowly, open your eyes and take a deep breath of love in and release GRATITUDE out…

    Namste ❤

    Copyright @ Maria Wind Talker

    3 February 2013

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