Embrace the Change

The Vibrational Changes are happening within each soul on the planet right now and the process is greatly accelerated, the time is NOW!, there is and never has been any other.

Stop waiting for something to happen, to change, to be brought to you, to be said or shown.  Stop shying away from that which rises within us that we push back down and ignore. Its time to release it ALL out into the light.

Raise your vibrations and stand in your truth, time to shine your light for all to see, unafraid, unashamed and fully engaged in the process of being one part of a collective whole.Remember, what we do to ourselves we do to ALL.

So respect yourselves, respect your pain, respect your past, forgive yourselves, forgive others for we are all fighting our own inner demons.

Let go of judgements, of envy of hate, as these will be reflected back to you as a reminder of how you feel about yourself.  Become a beacon of light, of love, of joy and serenity.

Find the tool that works for you best, be it Meditation, Yoga, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Reiki…etc.  There are hundreds of tools out there to aid our transition with many more modules coming forth almost daily.

Its up to you to CHOOSE to heal, to transcend the doubt, to let go of fear of failure and Embrace the Change.

Maria ♥

30 August 2012


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