Breathing Exercise – Forgiveness

This is something I use with clients that are finding it difficult to move forward in some area in their life. It is a very powerful healing technique.


Take three deep breaths and relax your mind…

Focus your attention inside your body…. Take note of any areas of discomfort or pain within the body. Allow yourself to feel the pain and see if you can associate it with an emotion and who or where it stems from.

(if this bit becomes too emotional for you, just imagine you are watching the events and not a participant)

Next, breathe in white light, through your nose and take it to the area of discomfort…wrap it around the area, until it is totally cocooned in white light.

Then start to breathe it out through your mouth, until it is all gone.

Next, breathe in Gold light through your nose and fill that area with this Golden healing light. While breathing it in mentally say/affirm to yourself ….FORGIVENESS and FORGIVENESS OF SELF…alternating between on each breath.

Once the area is filled and you feel ready to move on, look for any others and follow the above procedure until all areas are dealt with. If there are a lot of areas it may be wise to do some on another day as it can be quite an emotional journey.

Drink lots of water over the following 48 hours. This will help to flush out any lingering toxins and speed up the healing process.


Copyright @ Maria Wind Talker.



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